Day 23: Renew and Reward (Sugar Challenge)


The first full day home without having to get ready to leave again. I’m staying for about six weeks this time, which means I have some time to really settle in.

For the Sugar Challenge, this is awesome, because the cravings are a bit on and off, and I can’t wait to try some things that really helped me in my first sugar challenge.

I’ll have access to my blender, food processor, oven, and other kitchen tools, which might make all the difference in the world.

I’m reaping the benefits of a stable home, at least for a month-and-a-half, and I’m feeling some renewed commitment and motivation. I hope being at home will make it easier!


I just found out that a fantastic vegan patisserie in Paris is located on the same street as our Airbnb (where we’re going for a few days in September), and oh my god I’m just imagining having a pain au chocolat for the first time in over eight years. I can’t wait!

I’m telling myself I can have whatever I want in Paris if I make it through the rest of the challenge without caving or cheating. (I might stick on two days at the end to make up for previous mistakes.)

Excited about vegan patisserie,



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