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Transformational Yoga & Mindfulness

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Transformation looks different for everybody.
The same yoga, but with a customized approach. Find the path that fits your needs.

Corporate Wellness

Yoga and meditation for your whole team.

Improve wellness and increase productivity in the workplace.

  • Lunch break yoga
  • Wellness hour

Private Yoga

Personalized program for mental and physical wellbeing.

An individual approach to health and wellness.

  • 1:1 Transformational Yoga
  • Yoga coaching bundle

Conscious Creators

A podcast for musicians, entrepreneurs, and other creatives.

Creative’s problems require creative solutions.

  • CC Podcast
  • Additional materials

Change Your Mind

Transformational Yoga is an integral system that can help you feel more mentally balanced and physically healthy.

You will learn to take the teachings off the mat to make a real difference in your daily life.

Meditation and yoga might promote neuroplasticity and alter the structure of the brain. In other words: you might just change your mind.

The Conscious Creators series is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. Click here for the links.

Conscious Creators

Meet the guests, find the show notes and time stamps, and explore with us.

What People Say

Flora is a dedicated yogini (…) which can be immediately felt through her presence, in the way she approaches the practice, on and off the mat, and in her ability to embody the teachings of the Integral Yoga. 

Her guidance when teaching is gentle and compassionate yet powerful. She has a strong foundation in the Chakra System, sequencing and asana anatomical alignment. She has grace in communication skills. Yoga is what she loves to live.

-Irana Ji An, senior yoga teacher

Meet Flora

Flora is a Transformational Yoga teacher, musician, and psychologist-in-training with a passion for holistic health.

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