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Hi, I’m Flora!
I write about mental health, affirming neurodiversity, and learning to be your own comfort zone.

The (DIY) Depression Scale

“I’m usually not depressed.” I smile. “Most of the time, I’m fine.” That feels like a good place to start the conversation. Manage expectations. Set the stage. Depression is painfully common, but it’s still so mystified. We’re embarrassed to say we feel depressed (at least to each other’s faces), and do not even speak of…

The Day After (Sugar Challenge)

Remember when I said I’m not great at moderation? Yeah… about that… So, today was terrible. I thought I could reintroduce a little bit of sugar, just to see how it went. It went terribly. It’s about 11.30pm now, I’m nauseous and anxious and clammy. I haven’t had dinner. (Too nauseous to eat and too…

Day 30: Celebration! (Sugar Challenge)

I made it! 28 perfect days, 2 slip-ups, and 25 blog posts + 2 secret bonus days. (I’m writing this on day 32. I somehow made a mistake on numbering the days in my calendar – despite writing daily – so I fully didn’t realise I had already finished two whole days ago!) To get…

Day 29: Anxiety Check-In (Sugar Challenge)

I spent the weekend with my family. (We went kayaking on a lake + out for dinner at the beach for my dad’s birthday.) The people around me are starting to notice my decreased anxiety. My family was worried about taking me to multiple different places in one day, driving a lot, lots of activities,…


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