Day 22: On the Road (Sugar Challenge)

Today I’m finally flying home.

I made a “snack pack”, with avocado sandwiches, strawberries, cherries, salted cashews, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices. We also got some crisps, and loads of water.

Travel day is usually really anxiety-inducing for me. Getting me out of the house for more than an hour or two has never been easy. (Think of trying to put an unwilling cat in a travel basket to get shots at the vet. You get the image?)

For context, this is a normal travel day:

  • Wake up and panic
  • Attempt to eat something and fail
  • Barely make it out of the house (with my partner’s support)
  • Get very dizzy in the cab, due to not eating + anxiety
  • By the time I get to the airport, I probably feel like I could pass out
  • Sit down, attempt to eat something
  • Panic a few more times
  • Be wildly uncomfortable the whole time
  • Arrive at my destination feeling absolutely broken
  • Curse my decisions and pray I never have to travel again

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but today was actually really fun.

Final beach day

We got ready, said our goodbyes, and then drove 1+ hour to a beach. We swam, hung out in the shade, and enjoyed our last morning on the island. Then we drove another 1+ hour to the airport.

For some reason, none of this stressed me out.

We made it to the airport, through security, into a lounge where we could sit down and eat something. I actually took care of myself. This is probably my first ever travel day where I’m drinking enough and eating normal amounts of food. I feel absolutely fine. Who is this and what did she do with the girl you all know and love?

I obviously don’t know for sure if there’s a correlation with the lack of refined sugar, and it’s likely to be a combination of factors, but that’s the main real difference in my life right now. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled. This is awesome.

This is how the rest of you live?



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