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Hi, I’m Flora! If you’re ready to be your own comfort zone, you’ve come to the right place!

You can work with me, read the blog, or join the online community. (Something special is in the works, so stay tuned!)

The Comfort Zone: The Mission

Here’s a counter-offer to the hardcore self-development stuff:

What if you could be happy where you are? What if you are already enough?

Here, we learn to become (y)our own comfort zone. To trust our bodies and our judgment. To create space for what we really need. To be realistic about it, and kind. To have self-compassion, and to not take any bullshit from anybody. To state our boundaries and show up for ourselves.

Need some help? Schedule a call with me, or (call-haters, I see you!) reach out on Instagram.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Flora. Mental health writer and advocate. Transformational Yoga Teacher. Psychology enthusiast.

I believe that fiercely loving radical honesty is the best way to fight mental health stigma, that “neurotypical” is not the best or only flavour of human, and that we’re already awesome – just as we are. Read more

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