Day 5: Feeling & Healing (Sugar Challenge)

I’m exhausted today, but I’m pretty sure it’s hormones and not the lack of refined sugar.

In fact, my body feels kind of okay (although I do feel extraordinarily wiped out).

I’m really tempted to have some cookies to get my energy levels up, but I don’t have any appointments, so I just spent most of the day moving between bed, bath, and couch, and doing some mindless tasks on my laptop.

I made our favourite New York dinner, for the first time without ketchup. I added a bit of extra seasoning and then I didn’t even miss it. It’s nice to be able to really taste your food. (Who knew?)

Sweet potato, roasted asparagus, Beyond burger, salad with vegan feta

Anyway, I think the question for today is this:

How can you accept yourself and your energy levels without an artificial boost?

I was lucky enough to be able to lean into it, and actually slow down, but that doesn’t always work for everybody at all times.

If you do have important stuff going on, there are solutions though. I don’t drink coffee, but if you do, that’ll probably get you going. (I would recommend a cold shower too, but that sounds awful right now.)

I’m looking forward to more energy in the future, and I’m sticking with it.

Take care of yourself!

Wishing you comfy blankets and hot baths,



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