Day 6: Replacement Behaviours (Sugar Challenge)

I’m still tired, but starting to feel a little better. Today was all about replacement behaviours. This is a concept I use all the time at work, and I’m excited to introduce it here. I very strongly believe that we do things to fulfil a purpose, and that – rather than simply eliminating things –Continue reading “Day 6: Replacement Behaviours (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 5: Feeling & Healing (Sugar Challenge)

I’m exhausted today, but I’m pretty sure it’s hormones and not the lack of refined sugar. In fact, my body feels kind of okay (although I do feel extraordinarily wiped out). I’m really tempted to have some cookies to get my energy levels up, but I don’t have any appointments, so I just spent mostContinue reading “Day 5: Feeling & Healing (Sugar Challenge)”