Day 15: For(a)ging New Pathways (Sugar Challenge)

Today, we went strawberry picking in a field, and it was awesome. I really loved it. (So did the small humans we took with us, but I may have been even more thrilled.) Afterwards, we went to a farm shop, and out of habit I scanned all the sweets and cakes for a vegan label.Continue reading “Day 15: For(a)ging New Pathways (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 14: Find Your Why (Sugar Challenge)

One slip-up and I feel like I’m back at Day 1. The chocolate cake has been causing massive sugar cravings throughout the past two days. It keeps staring at me in the fridge. (It really was very nice.) I need to remind myself of my ‘why’. Why am I doing this? (I’m looking back atContinue reading “Day 14: Find Your Why (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 13: The Second Mistake (Sugar Challenge)

I caved last night. My partner’s family had made another absolute feast, and we found out at the last minute that the mince they used was vegetarian, but not vegan, so I couldn’t have it. I felt awful, because they tried so hard! They brought out a vegan chocolate cake (they bought it just forContinue reading “Day 13: The Second Mistake (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 11+12: Temptations (Sugar Challenge)

Oof, this may have been the hardest moment of the Sugar Challenge so far. My partner (Alex) and I flew into Manchester, and stopped on our drive to his family to get some coffee, and I found a BOSH! chocolate bar 😭 BOSH! is one of my favourite vegan brands/YouTube accounts, and I was SOContinue reading “Day 11+12: Temptations (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 10: Home Sweet (?) Home (Sugar Challenge)

Wow, it is so nice to be in my own house again, even if it’s just for 48 hours. Pros: Access to blender (hello, amazing smoothies) Easier cooking (I know where everything is and what’s available in local shops) Cons: I found some snacks (vegan Magnums in the freezer, my favourite liquorice in a drawer,Continue reading “Day 10: Home Sweet (?) Home (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 8+9: Travel Days (Sugar Challenge)

We’re going home today. I forgot about sugar in ketchup (oops!), but I really enjoyed the fries at the airport. I’m very happy Alex got those for us, because the airline fucked up and there was no food for me on the plane :'(. Delta messed up my vegan food request, and they gave meContinue reading “Day 8+9: Travel Days (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 7: Feel the Feeling, Don’t Feed the Feeling (Sugar Challenge)

I should really stop eating at my desk. I had a really nice rice salad for lunch, and I barely tasted it, because I was working and focused on other things. My grief is catching up with me. My first impulse is no longer to drown my feelings in sugar, but I am still activelyContinue reading “Day 7: Feel the Feeling, Don’t Feed the Feeling (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 6: Replacement Behaviours (Sugar Challenge)

I’m still tired, but starting to feel a little better. Today was all about replacement behaviours. This is a concept I use all the time at work, and I’m excited to introduce it here. I very strongly believe that we do things to fulfil a purpose, and that – rather than simply eliminating things –Continue reading “Day 6: Replacement Behaviours (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 5: Feeling & Healing (Sugar Challenge)

I’m exhausted today, but I’m pretty sure it’s hormones and not the lack of refined sugar. In fact, my body feels kind of okay (although I do feel extraordinarily wiped out). I’m really tempted to have some cookies to get my energy levels up, but I don’t have any appointments, so I just spent mostContinue reading “Day 5: Feeling & Healing (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 4: Stronger Together + Sensory Issues (Sugar Challenge)

Wow, I did not feel great this morning. I’m nauseous, exhausted, and uncomfortable. I very much regret my decisions. I’m really committed this time. I’ve had a few days to think it through and I really want this. My partner (Alex) is also on board. He has an autoimmune disorder that we’ve been managing (mostlyContinue reading “Day 4: Stronger Together + Sensory Issues (Sugar Challenge)”