Wellness at Work

Clear out the mental clutter, let go of stress, and focus with more ease.

Increase mental and physical flexibility to create more freedom in your life.

We will make working from home a bit easier (and a bit more fun!)

More Wellness in the Workplace?

Change Your Mind with Flora can help you!

Floor led a wonderful session for our team, based across Europe. Many of us find it hard to separate work from home right now, and Floor provided a wonderful ritual setting exercise to help us create space for home. The meditation session and simple desk yoga really set the stage for the team to connect during our time with Floor.

Alex B. after Wellness Hour Workshop

I have been too sedentary lately and this was a much needed check-in with my body. I thought her class was a really lovely way for anyone, beginner or experienced, to incorporate yoga and body awareness into their day.

Jill A. after Lunch Break Yoga


Flora is a yoga teacher and psychologist in training who teaches wellness classes to companies all over the world. Change Your Mind with Flora is based in Amsterdam.

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