Day 22: On the Road (Sugar Challenge)

Today I’m finally flying home. I made a “snack pack”, with avocado sandwiches, strawberries, cherries, salted cashews, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices. We also got some crisps, and loads of water. Travel day is usually really anxiety-inducing for me. Getting me out of the house for more than an hour or two has never beenContinue reading “Day 22: On the Road (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 8+9: Travel Days (Sugar Challenge)

We’re going home today. I forgot about sugar in ketchup (oops!), but I really enjoyed the fries at the airport. I’m very happy Alex got those for us, because the airline fucked up and there was no food for me on the plane :'(. Delta messed up my vegan food request, and they gave meContinue reading “Day 8+9: Travel Days (Sugar Challenge)”