Day 29: Anxiety Check-In (Sugar Challenge)

I spent the weekend with my family. (We went kayaking on a lake + out for dinner at the beach for my dad’s birthday.) The people around me are starting to notice my decreased anxiety. My family was worried about taking me to multiple different places in one day, driving a lot, lots of activities,Continue reading “Day 29: Anxiety Check-In (Sugar Challenge)”

The Sugar Challenge (Mental Health Edition)

CW: food restriction (cutting out refined sugar), mentions of depression and anxiety TL;DR: My mental health could use some improvement I’m going to try to cut out refined sugar as a DIY intervention In my experience, (quitting) sugar has some interactions with anxiety/depression/ADHD I’m going to document my sugar challenge from a mental health perspectiveContinue reading “The Sugar Challenge (Mental Health Edition)”

Getting to Know Me

♪ Note: this article is also available as a podcast episode. (Scroll down to find the podcast or click here for this week’s episode.) “It’s nice to meet you”, I whispered to myself. I was 17 years old, and I had just had an experience that opened a lot of old wounds. Emotionally, I was in a badContinue reading “Getting to Know Me”

Part 2: Find Your Voice (Says The Lion)

For this next part, I’m going to give you a soundtrack 🙂 If you read Part 1: awesome, welcome back! If not, you might want to go here first. In Part 1, we talked about finding your voice: what it means, and how to do it (the fun way). Today, we’ll dig deeper into whatContinue reading “Part 2: Find Your Voice (Says The Lion)”

Part 1: Find Your Voice (Says The Lion)

For some of us (read: for me), finding and sharing our voice is a lifelong journey. We awkwardly try to express ourselves, share our truth, state our desires or boundaries. One day, we get loud, we speak up, and then… I don’t know about you, but I used to want to crawl back under aContinue reading “Part 1: Find Your Voice (Says The Lion)”

Summer Anxiety: Too Hot To Handle

Let me start with a quick PSA: We are going through a heat wave, and these temperatures can be extra challenging for people with anxiety. The increase in heat can cause symptoms that resemble panic or anxiety, like increased body temperature, elevated heart rate, and shortness of breath. If you have a history with anyContinue reading “Summer Anxiety: Too Hot To Handle”

Starting Before You Feel Ready

“You can always change, but you can’t edit a blank page.” These were the words I wrote in my journal today. “Create. Do it. Start today.” Sometimes we need to start before we feel ready. Whether we’re talking about starting a job, taking on a new project, committing to a longterm relationship, or writing aContinue reading “Starting Before You Feel Ready”