Day 26: Emotional Triggers + Heatwave (Sugar Challenge)

Something (relatively insignificant) happened at work today, and it made me really avoidant. It took me a while to realise that – while I was certainly distracting myself and being generally unproductive – I wasn’t reaching for snacks anymore. Pretty cool. I slept a little better, so I’m not as ravenous. It’s very hot todayContinue reading “Day 26: Emotional Triggers + Heatwave (Sugar Challenge)”

Day 24: Picnic + Pecan Chocolate Recipe (Sugar Challenge)

I found an old Facebook post. I think this is the only physical proof I have of my first sugar challenge. I’ve been looking forward to the home made pecan chocolate since I started this challenge, but I haven’t had the tools to make it. Now I’m home. Yesterday, I bought the ingredients. Today, IContinue reading “Day 24: Picnic + Pecan Chocolate Recipe (Sugar Challenge)”

The Artist’s Way – Week 3: Recovering a sense of power

“This is the most confident I have ever seen you.” The morning pages are changing my life. It’s been three weeks, and I have a sense of clarity that I’ve never really had before. Suddenly, I can see the road opening up before me, revealing more and more steps. I can see what has beenContinue reading “The Artist’s Way – Week 3: Recovering a sense of power”

The Artist’s Way – Week 1: Recovering a sense of safety

1. Morning Pages I’ve done the morning pages every day since I started reading the book. It’s been surprisingly nice and grounding. I started out trying to make sense. Then I realized I don’t have to, and I just started following my thoughts, wherever they went. You don’t have to make sense to anybody. ThisContinue reading “The Artist’s Way – Week 1: Recovering a sense of safety”

The Artist’s Way – Week 0: The Basic Tools

Morning Pages and Artist Dates, the two major tools of The Artist’s Way. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard these terms thrown around here and there, you may have been intrigued, but you’ve never actually committed to them. In the coming twelve weeks, I want to change that, and I’m going to share myContinue reading “The Artist’s Way – Week 0: The Basic Tools”

The Artist’s Way: Home Base

It’s been barely two weeks, and the synchronicities are gently floating around me, like golden specks of magic dust. I took the medicine, and it’s working. But what does it do? And what are the side effects? This book has been on my radar for a long time, and I finally marked it as “to-read”Continue reading “The Artist’s Way: Home Base”