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How are you doing today?

Are you ok?

We are living through crazy times, and that can be very challenging. I just want to check in with you. How are you doing today? Are you ok?

I want to remind you that I am a real person behind this screen, and I am here for you if you need to talk. You can always send me an email or message me at one of the platforms linked below. You can also schedule a call with me, if you’d prefer to talk ‘live’.

I create classes, articles, and meditations to try to help us all through the difficult times in life. Here you can access your free content. I also send out little love notes to our Inner Circle, to check in and share things that might help (if you’re into it, you can sign up for free at the bottom of the page). These tools have been very healing for me, but I also understand that sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Reach out to a licensed mental health professional if you need it. In case of an emergency, call 911 (or your country’s equivalent; 112 in NL), or click here to find your national suicide hotline.

Take a deep breath and reach out. I want to hear from you.

You are not alone.

With love,


We're working on it…
You're in! Welcome to the Inner Circle. Your first love note is on the way!
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