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In episode #4 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to musician, actor, and entrepreneur Samuel Vekeman.

We talk about the benefits of teamwork, being brave, and showing up for yourself. Sam teaches us to “Dream big, fail big, and win like never before”.

If you were looking for a sign to chase your dreams in 2021: this is it!

Love, Flora

Affirmations for 2021

In this podcast, Sam talks about the upside of failure, and dares you to “dream big, fail big, and win like never before”.

  • What is your dream?
  • How do you feel about failure? Do you try to avoid it?
  • What would feel like “winning” for you?

4 steps to success

This is an invitation to commit to your vision, and learn more about the field you want to work in.

Learn from others, but don’t let them talk you out of your dreams. Consider their advice (and maybe their constructive criticism), but remember that this is YOUR life!

Reflection questions

Around 45:20, Sam talks about teamwork as ‘baking a cake’.

We all bring our unique flavours to the process (and to the team). Together we can create great things, and nobody says “my blueberries are better than your flour”.


  • What do you bring to the table? What is your secret ingredient?
  • What would you like to outsource?
  • If you’re already working with others: are you giving each other space to be really good at what you do best?
  • If you’re a leader: do you know the unique strengths of each member of your team?

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Click below to hear more of Sam’s music.

In this podcast:

00:00 Intro (Music: Talking Lies – Sam Renascent)
02:14 Sam’s 2020 reflection + lessons
09:30 All Stars & Zonen: a new acting opportunity
12:10 Perspective: lessons from acting
19:11 Finding love on a plane to LA
22:11 Doubts and anxiety in decision-making: “fail big”
24:57 Ice skating: get up and try again
26:25 Toddler mentality: am I allowed to fail?
28:05 Entrepreneurship (in 2020) + ATELIER Antwerp
32:35 Beyond the bio: in-house lawyer
36:29 Integration: “I can help you, because I’ve been there”
38:32 Playing vs making music
40:57 Connecting through music + the story behind the song (Talking Lies – Sam Renascent)
43:43 The songwriting process + the power of teamwork
45:20 Baking a cake: what do you bring to the table?
49:49 Be bold enough to ask for help
51:35 Teamwork is a skill
57:07 Performing is transforming
1:02:48 Authentic performance
1:04:32 Media training: tell the truth
1:07:15 Thrive: three levels of advice from Sam
1:08:30 Staying afloat: remember your “why” + commit to your vision
1:15:08 Learning to swim: three steps
1:22:15 Exploring the ocean: the sky’s the limit
1:32:50 Outro (Music: Blessed with a Curse – Sam Renascent)

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