CC: Reinier van Harten

In episode #5 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to multimedia artist Reinier.

Under the moniker “REINDIER”, he just started a new adventure. His brand-new project Obsidian // Silk will be released as a stage production, album and short film.

Reinier created a poetic, multifaceted, immersive experience, with a heavy focus on stage design, costume, styling, light production and choreography.

In this podcast, we start to uncover some of the layers, and dive into topics like creative freedom, sexual identity, and resilience.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be enchanted.

With love, Flora

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In this episode:

00:00 Intro (Music: About a Boy – REINDIER)
01:51 Breaths and feelings
03:48 Show before you tell: secrets in the spotlight
08:40 REINDIER’s newest project: Obsidian // Silk
10:29 Polarity in art + gender expression
16:31 The process of coming home to yourself + removing the armor
20:00 Are you connected to Donald Trump? Connection and conversation
22:00 Vulnerability and emotional intelligence (+ depression in men)
25:10 New release: Aphrodite & Tentacles (Spotify and YouTube)
30:20 Processing emotions through fairy tales + being in control + vocal cord paralysis
34:00 Surrendering + identity changes
36:00 Music: it’s everything (and it’s not) + performing for yourself
38:00 Helicopter view vs living inside the music
40:00 Meditation for perspective + separating yourself from your art
41:50 Releasing a debut album + letting go of stress
42:42 Validation in art + letting go of your babies
44:12 Redefining bravery + enoughness
45:25 “Fear is excitement without the breath”
48:40 Reinier’s favourite thing about the new release
50:05 Imagination: connecting to the magic in the mundane
52:21 Beyond the bio: gymnastics + growing old
53:53 Boys won’t be boys
57:50 Shoutout to Tanja Busking + professional dating
1:00:58 Thrive: three levels of advice from Reinier
1:01:25 Staying afloat: out of your head and into your body (running, yoga and dance)
1:09:39 Learning to swim: learn + listen + commit
1:14:47 Exploring the ocean: freedom + making your own rules + big dreams
1:20:22 Outro (Music: Tentacles – REINDIER)

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