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In episode #6 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to Pamela (Pami) Parker.

Moving through life with curiosity, openness, and a strong commitment to lifelong learning, Pami is the queen of constant redevelopment, and full of surprises.

In this episode, we discover joy as a gift and a necessity as we meet Sergeant Pami, explore the process of self-mastery, and journey through different stories, reflections, and practices.

Connect to yourself and get ready to create your own joy.

With love,

About Pami

Pamela Parker (loving known as Pami) emerged into conscious awareness to the beat of a conga drum.

Throughout her life she playfully danced to the rhythms of  many life experiences. Like a kid in a candy story she embraced a variety of perspectives in order to make meaning of her world.

From her scientific studies, to being a soldier; from embracing her entrepreneurial spirit to climbing the American corporate ladder; and from being an Interfaith Minister and InterSpiritual counselor to finally embracing her authentic ministry- to facilitate a guided conscious approach to integrated personal development and mastery.

For the past year, COVID-19 has provided her with the opportunity to transfer her coaching, teaching, and counseling practices to an online learning environment known as the Conscious Center Academy.

She is currently seeking to partner with other holistic practitioners and helping professionals who share her passion for facilitating the expansion of human consciousness toward a more peaceful, loving, healthy and happy life experience.

Interested in working with Pami? Reach out to her!

In this episode:

00:00 Intro + deep breaths (calm and connected)
01:34 Conscious Center Academy + 3 steps of expansion
07:35 How we think we “should” be + what is your truth + self-mastery
10:56 Start with you (take care of yourself first)
14:25 Let go of the outcome
17:22 Reflection: how does this feel for you?
18:20 Not caring vs non-attachment + bringing it into your daily life
21:15 Dreams + restarting the day
26:23 Short practice: owning your feelings
29:19 Non-violent communication
30:30 Get support when you need it
32:32 Corporate America + getting out of the fast lane
34:13 Practice: how to hold space for a loved one
38:35 Loving boundaries + clear intentions
42:10 Reflection: relationships + triggers
43:05 Taking yoga (and other practices) off the mat
45:45 The physical practice as a mirror (e.g. balance)
47:25 Trust + having faith in something
50:12 Beyond the bio: Sergeant Pami
53:04 Faith and fear: the ability to harm vs choosing peace
57:18 Repeating life lessons + embracing yourself as a multifaceted being
1:00:00 Spiritual bypassing + your unique needs
1:02:13 Short practice: sound and other senses
1:03:43 Fun as a spiritual practice
1:04:59 Reflection: what sounds do you incorporate into your practice?
1:05:35 First awareness: memory of sound and joy
1:09:50 Allowing yourself to experience joy + personal story
1:12:53 From high & happy to sitting with the pain
1:14:14 “Being the corporation” + giving your soul to the job
1:15:37 Show before you tell (bonus episode)
1:17:00 Constantly redeveloping yourself
1:19:35 Grief and living for someone else
1:12:38 Being your authentic self + letting go of someone else’s definition of success
1:23:00 Authenticity in relationships
1:24:45 Finding courage and owning your power
1:26:17 Thrive (level 3)
1:30:04 Invitation: collaborate with Pami
1:31:55 Outro

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