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In episode #3 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to creative business owner and international relocation coach Paige van der Wolf.

Her business, BrightWorks Coaching, was born out of the idea that relocation is an opportunity to let go of the things that no longer serve you and build the life that you deserve.

In this podcast, we uncover some underlying elements and strategies you can use to start changing your life, whether you move across the world or stay right where you are.

If you are ready to set some intentions for 2021, this podcast is going to help you get started!


  • Change Your Mind: 2 things to try today
  • Get to know Paige: a lifetime of music and memories
  • Creative prompts for self-discovery
  • Timestamps for the podcast

Change Your Mind with Paige

Step 1: Yellow Note Pad

  • Listen to 24:37 to learn more about this exercise.
  • Create your own “to do / not to do” list.

Step 2: Life Assessment

  • Listen to 58:41 to learn more about this exercise.
  • Optional: get in touch with Flora or Paige to take the next step

Paige’s Musical Timeline

A lifetime of music and memories.

  • Elton John – Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player

    “One of my fondest memories from childhood is dancing to Crocodile Rock in the kitchen with my little brother and mom as we cleaned dishes. As my family has grown and evolved, it’s maintained it’s spot as a prime kitchen-dancing number along with many other Elton John classics.”

  • Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones

    “My childhood home was always full of music. My mom is a huge Nirvana and Foo Fighters fan, so I grew up knowing every word. Skin and Bones is an album with pieces ranging from solo numbers by Dave Grohl to massive orchestral arrangements, all recorded live with incredible energy from the audience. February Stars, in particular, gets me every time.”

  • The Beatles – White Album

    “No explanation needed.” 🙂

  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

    “One of my favorite albums of all time. Reminds me of late night driving through the streets of Tennessee with cars full of wonderful friends who happen to be wonderful artists. I could sing any part of the harmony in I Don’t Want to Know in my sleep.”

  • Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

    “Reminds me of my time at Disney with incredible friends who became family. I used to listen to Diane Young while driving through the famous Disney gates every day to pump myself up for another day of creating magic.”

  • Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

    “Mentioned on the podcast, this was the song playing during the dance concert while I made my To Do/Not To Do list backstage.”

  • Hamilton – Original Broadway Cast Recording

    “My husband and I met in New York City in 2015, the same year that Hamilton made huge waves with its Broadway premiere. I distinctly remember walking past doorway after doorway in various Broadway and Off-Broadway buildings and hearing the soundtrack playing as the backdrop of deep conversations about the history and future of theatre. When the video recording was released this year, I cried the second the first number began. It was not just because it was beautifully filmed (which is very rare for theatre), but because I so desperately miss live performances existing out in the world.”

  • John Mayer Trio – Try!

    “Another live album, which I love. Try! includes incredible blues covers of some John Mayer classics as well as covers of Jimi Hendrix and Ray Charles songs. Definitely a staple in my household.”

  • Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight

    “I have a soft spot for big band and swing music. My husband and I don’t have a “song”, but if we did it would probably be The Way You Look Tonight.”

  • Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

    “Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy no matter the circumstances. Another song that was very present in my childhood and has since found itself ingrained in my home as an adult.”

  • Lizzo – Cuz I Love You

    “My current go-to album for a pick-me-up. I love the things Lizzo stands for as an artist and as a person, and I firmly believe it’s humanly impossible not to dance to this album from start to finish.”

Creative prompts for self-discovery

Music & Memories

  • What music did you listen to throughout the years?
  • What memories are associated with these songs?

Paige is Painting

  • Listen to 40:00 for Paige’s lessons from working with watercolor
  • Experiment with different art forms: how do they make you feel?

In the podcast:

00:00 Intro + conscious breaths
01:57 Relocation journey (USA -> NL) + Juilliard love story
04:59 Living abroad in 2020 (extra challenges for expats)
06:31 Question from Talya: what to look for when moving to a new place?*
08:16 Some love for the Netherlands 🙂
08:53 Iced coffee vs health care
09:45 Starting a new business: BrightWorks Coaching
11:30 Building something you believe in
12:40 Coaching call with Paige (Flora’s experience)
13:44 Disney College Program + making your product extraordinary
18:20 Creating a privileged product + pricing challenges
21:15 The joy of coaching + The Shift
23:50 Creating “The Shift” at home + reflection*
24:37 Show before you tell: yellow notepad*
29:30 Small changes + some things are out of your hands
31:47 Embracing a non-linear path (being a linear-hearted person in a non-linear body)
33:43 Wrong background, right for the job + the most interesting person in the room
36:50 The non-linear life (consistently inconsistent) vs the 9-to-5 mindset
40:00 Working with watercolor + accepting what is
43:25 “I am just not creative” + the antidote (Matilda-style)
47:04 Beyond the Bio: old fashioned candy shop
49:59 Question from Marlou: who is your inspiration?
51:51 Shoutout to teachers
52:10 Thrive: three levels of advice from Paige*
53:09 Staying afloat: rituals and reminders + what is the best that can happen
58:41 Learning to swim: yellow notepad + reflection
1:01:45 Claiming your YES and owning your NO
1:03:17 Why you might be holding on to resistance
1:03:55 Door knockers and window openers (from an Ali Abdaal video)
1:06:58 People pleasing + non-judgmental judgment
1:08:36 Exploring the ocean: integrity + ambitions
1:14:03 CTA: one small change + outro 

*Some deliberate moments of reflection. If you want to go deeper, grab a pen and paper and try the reflections that speak to you.

Change Your Mind:
The Conscious Creators Series


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