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In episode #1 of the Conscious Creators series, we talk to upcoming artist and songwriter Jordi Martin.

As a guitarist for Sam Feldt, Jordi got to tour the world and play in front of amazing crowds. In between private jets, expensive evenings, and more rock’n’roll, Jordi found out that his happiness didn’t lie in any particular corner of the world.

In the blazing spotlight, he discovered his shadow. Finally facing all parts of himself, Jordi found acceptance, rediscovered his passion, and – as he explains in his latest single – “I was getting to know me”.


Bonus Materials + Highlights

Music and the brain

In episode #1, we talked about the neuronal basis of “getting into a groove”.

Music has the potential to change your brain.

How? Click the link below to read more.


In the podcast, Jordi talks about the importance of accepting yourself, and meeting yourself where you are right now.

In what area of your life do you need your own acceptance?

How to Thrive

The three steps to thriving, according to Jordi Martin.

Click the link to read more, and let us know what resonated with you!

“It’s always about running, and it’s never just about running.”

— Coach Bennett

“Music is a way to change the rhythms of the brain.”

— Norman Doidge

In this episode:

00:00 Intro
02:00 New Year’s Eve 2019 + goals for 2020
05:10 Jordi’s quarantine-routine
08:15 Feeling inspired to write
11:40 Advice for when you don’t want to do The Thing
12:50 The songwriting process
17:00 Trusting someone else with your story (songwriting as therapy)
19:39 The story behind the song: Getting to Know Me (part 1)
22:40 Meeting Ed Sheeran + a new vision
28:45 Touring the world with Sam Feldt (+ giving it all up)
32:01 The story behind the song: Getting to Know Me (part 2)
35:37 Wim Hof: crashing the car + breathing through your balls
39:10 About the podcast
40:50 Mental health in the music industry
45:52 Dealing with criticism
47:32 Meeting yourself where you are (story time!)
39:20 Disappointment and motivation
54:15 Jordi’s favourite thing about working in music
55:50 Science break: the psychology of music (Source: The Brain’s Way of Healing – Norman Doidge)
57:10 Show before you tell: Jordi takes us to Pinkpop
1:03:03 Beyond the bio: something most people don’t know about Jordi
1:07:19 Thrive: three stages of advice from Jordi
1:08:45 Part 1: staying afloat (if you’re struggling)
1:14:15 Part 2: learning to swim (how to do what Jordi does)
1:20:02 Part 3: exploring the ocean (big dreams for the future)
1:24:31 Not fitting in + a sense of belonging
1:27:27 Deni Kukura + the importance of a supportive community
1:29:00 Learning from each other (part 1)
1:29:29 Jordi’s musical timeline
1:31:41 Parents and mentors + (almost) quitting high school
1:35:35 Coach Bennett (Nike)
1:37:17 Learning from each other (part 2)
1:37:50 Final takeaway from the podcast
1:40:30 Getting to Know Me (music preview)

More about Jordi:


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