Day 30: Celebration! (Sugar Challenge)

I made it!

28 perfect days, 2 slip-ups, and 25 blog posts + 2 secret bonus days.

(I’m writing this on day 32. I somehow made a mistake on numbering the days in my calendar – despite writing daily – so I fully didn’t realise I had already finished two whole days ago!)

To get back to my poll from day 13:

Nobody voted for starting over (thank God), but I technically did both of the other options:

Forgive myself and move on + (accidentally) add on another two days. And they say you can’t please everyone! (Ha.)

So here we are, at the end of the line.

Yesterday, I shared the results, so today, we’re celebrating!

(And maybe tomorrow I’ll have a damn cookie.)

I’ll try to give you an update in a few days, to let you know how my rebellious brain responds to my brand-new lack of boundaries.

In celebration,



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