Day 28: Bouncing Back (Sugar Challenge)

Here’s the most interesting thing I’ve noticed so far in the challenge:

When I have a bad day, I get a chance to recover.

On my usual bad days, I tend to start eating sugar early, messing up my blood sugar, and ruining the rest of the day. I need to sleep it off before I can even think of doing better.

Now, I get a chance to restart when I catch myself messing up.

I still do unhelpful things (think: binge-watching, couch-potato’ing, aggressively multitasking), but they are reversible.

When I notice I’m stuck, I turn everything off, meditate or exercise, and give myself the opportunity to reset.

Super easy self-care comfort meal

It’s still not easy, but at least I have a fighting chance.

A sugar overload is a hard thing to come back from (at least if you’re trying to make a quick turn-around).

Exercise doesn’t feel great if you’ve just had two dozen cookies. Meditation is even harder when you’re on a sugar high. Any productive reset options can feel impossible when you’re crashing.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do better, and intrigued by the positive results created by limiting the ways I get to mess up.

In a way, I’m getting to know myself again.

We deserve better,



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