Day 17-20: Getting Real (Sugar Challenge)

Side note: I have no clue where Day 16 went. Sorry. I tried to make it up to you by publishing something else

It’s been so much harder this time.

I’ve done sugar challenges before, and this one is the hardest so far. I’m grieving and pushing down difficult feelings left and right. I’m travelling and stressed. I’m travelling and getting the chance to try awesome new food. I keep telling myself I deserve a treat. (I do deserve a treat, damnit.)

I want to stick to the challenge, but I’m constantly tempted to give up. Does it really matter? Is it really important to do this now?

I guess I put the “challenge in “Sugar Challenge”.

Lunch date at the beach


An accidental encounter* with refined sugar (didn’t realise it was in there) reminded me:

I realise I haven’t had real cravings in days.

After accidentally eating some sugar, my hands are shaking again, and I find myself needing more food to ground myself.

Sure, I like the idea of cookies and chocolate and cake, but I’m no longer craving it physically, which is awesome.

More (vegan) food to try

So, why is it hard? My best guess:

  1. Feelings

My circumstances are different. Grief is a bitch. It’s much easier to want to drown your feelings in chocolate if your main feeling is not “happy”.

  1. Travel

It feels much harder to stay on track with any kind of habit while travelling (with other people). I’m sure this’ll be its own post someday, because there’s a lot to unpack here.

*I finally bought some sugar-free chocolate, but then accidentally grabbed the sugar version that looked almost identical.

I’m doing my best to roll with it. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll let you know if I can make it any easier.

Maybe the treat was inside you all along,



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