Day 15: For(a)ging New Pathways (Sugar Challenge)

Today, we went strawberry picking in a field, and it was awesome. I really loved it. (So did the small humans we took with us, but I may have been even more thrilled.)

Afterwards, we went to a farm shop, and out of habit I scanned all the sweets and cakes for a vegan label. I found one or two (cookies and ice cream), and obviously decided not to take them with me. Instead, I grabbed some seaweed snacks. (Surprisingly nice.)

Looking for interesting vegan snacks in new places is such a habit for me, and I’m not sure it’s serving me now that I’m travelling for most of the year.

There are so many snacks to be found.

Very content with my strawberries

I think it’s time to create some new habits.

I wouldn’t mind trying to find the best WFPB food, the least processed snacks, the most gorgeous fruits and vegetables (these fresh strawberries were AMAZING), the nicest smoothies, etc.

For me, food = fun

I’d like to create ways to make it fun + good for me.

With love and strawberries,


Look at the pure joy

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