Day 14: Find Your Why (Sugar Challenge)

One slip-up and I feel like I’m back at Day 1. The chocolate cake has been causing massive sugar cravings throughout the past two days. It keeps staring at me in the fridge. (It really was very nice.)

I need to remind myself of my ‘why’.

Why am I doing this?

(I’m looking back at my own notes from day 3. Writing it down really helps. Who knew?)

  • I want to improve my mental health, as quantified by: less depression, anxiety, mood swings; more joy, calm, relaxation.
  • I want to feel more stable throughout the day: less blood sugar fluctuations.
  • I want to increase the amount of healthy things I eat. (What kind of vegan goes weeks without eating fruit? This one, that’s who.)
  • I want to decrease my cravings and eat when I’m really hungry, instead of snacking on bullshit foods every ten minutes, and then being too nauseous to have a proper dinner.
  • I want to feel healthy and energised.
  • I want to improve my workouts. (I’ve been running for two years and I’m not making much progress.)

I’m still going. I know I can make it. While I’m here, I’d like to enjoy the ride.

Do you have any goals? Maybe you’re here because you’re doing your own (sugar) challenge. What are your reasons for doing what you do?

Tell me why,


(I used to copy Backstreet Boys CDs from the library. I’m really dating myself here, aren’t I? Oh well…)


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