Day 13: The Second Mistake (Sugar Challenge)

I caved last night.

My partner’s family had made another absolute feast, and we found out at the last minute that the mince they used was vegetarian, but not vegan, so I couldn’t have it. I felt awful, because they tried so hard!

They brought out a vegan chocolate cake (they bought it just for me) at the end, for a birthday celebration. So unbelievably kind. I had some.

While I tried to do the right thing for the people in the room with me (and to be fair, the cake was smashing), l felt like I was disappointing my friends on the internet.

I told myself I’d only have one slice.

I had two-and-a-bit. I can’t be moderate about sugar.

It was good though

It would be so easy to give up now. I failed. Again. Oh well. But I know this is where the challenge begins.

Even the best laid plans will be thrown off at some point. Routines and rituals and habits will get off track, because of an unexpected meeting, a travel day, or a birthday party.

James Clear says: Don’t make the second mistake.

For the purpose of this challenge, I failed. I ate sugar when I said I wouldn’t, and that’s a little bit embarrassing.

For the purpose of life, I think this might be fine. I don’t expect myself to go without sugar for the rest of my life. I hope to be more moderate about it; eat more of what makes me feel great, and less of what doesn’t, and that’s what this challenge is about for me.

I wasn’t optimising for writing about my success on the internet. I optimised for the long run.

That said, today is important, because this is where I decide who I want to be.

That’s why I won’t make the second mistake.

The rest of the cake is still there, in the fridge, looking absolutely delicious, but I remember how it made me feel. It doesn’t feel as good as it tastes.

One mistake is fine,



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