Day 10: Home Sweet (?) Home (Sugar Challenge)

Wow, it is so nice to be in my own house again, even if it’s just for 48 hours.


  1. Access to blender (hello, amazing smoothies)
  2. Easier cooking (I know where everything is and what’s available in local shops)


  1. I found some snacks (vegan Magnums in the freezer, my favourite liquorice in a drawer, a whole tin filled with chocolate)
  2. Old habits die hard (there are a lot of environmental triggers here)
Favourite smoothie ingredients

I went for a run in a park close to my house.

Exercise makes me want to be healthier.

When I got home, I did some work, sent out an email to my email list (“Delta Airlines and the Sad Banana”, for those of you who are on the list and want to know exactly with how much delay I’m posting this), and had a big green smoothie.

I feel good!

Green smoothies for two

Despite the jet lag, I am quite alright today.

(Okay, fine, I did get out of bed at 1pm, and was in a total coma before then, but now I’m okay, and that counts for something!)

(Side note: if you also want to receive emails from me about Sad Bananas and more, click here.)

I prefer happy bananas,



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