Day 8+9: Travel Days (Sugar Challenge)

We’re going home today.

I forgot about sugar in ketchup (oops!), but I really enjoyed the fries at the airport. I’m very happy Alex got those for us, because the airline fucked up and there was no food for me on the plane :'(.

Airport fries

Delta messed up my vegan food request, and they gave me one (1) single banana at the end of a 7+ hour flight. Alex ended up giving me his tiny side salad.

Tiny side salad on the night flight

Luckily, I follow the number 1 rule of vegans everywhere:

Always carry your own food.

I made it through okay, and I was so grateful to have something to eat.

Be prepared: if you’re going somewhere, make sure you have something with you that you can eat. It’ll solve a lot of problems!

Planning ahead: snacks you can bring on the road.

  • Dates with nut butter (yum!)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Healthy bars (like Nakd or Rawbite)
  • Nuts or trail mix
  • Sandwiches
  • Dinner leftovers
My saving grace

Do you take food with you when you go out?
(I don’t know what I’d do without.)

With backup snacks,



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