Day 2: Delay, Don’t Deny (Sugar Challenge)

The cravings are bad.

I can’t focus on work, because I keep thinking about the cookies in the cupboard. Should I finish them? I can’t throw them out – I don’t want to waste food.

I told my partner he could bring them into the office next week, and I immediately regretted it. I hope he forgets. What if quitting goes really well, and I don’t want to eat sugar anymore, then these could be my last cookies! (My brain is so dramatic!)

I’m having a hard time saying no right now, so I’m using one of my best tools:

Delay, Don’t Deny.

Sure thing honey, you can have your cookies tomorrow. Today, let’s have some strawberries.

(I also bought myself a needlessly expensive but super cute little packet of dates with peanut butter for “emergencies”.)

Emergency peanut butter is a thing, y’all

This might also be a good moment to bring up the ADHD tax.

As people with ADHD (but I’m sure this applies in many other situations as well), we so often pay a price for our symptoms. Quite literally, too. Bills paid too late, library books never returned, stuff damaged, phones lost, and food going bad in the produce drawer. (Honestly, with the amount of late fees I’ve paid over my lifetime, I could have owned at least half the library by now.)

One thing we can do to make our lives easier is try to pay the ADHD tax upfront.

Yes, it would be cheaper to just buy a packet of dates and a tub of peanut butter, but am I really going to make them myself?

If I’m hungry, busy, and low on dopamine, the answer is probably no.

(Also, I don’t like general shopping, but food shopping gives me a major neurochemical hit, so to avoid buying junk, I let myself splurge on a few little fun and healthy things.)

If you can afford it, do what you have to to make your life easier (and remember it might actually save money in the future. I’d rather pay 5 bucks for food I’ll eat, than 3 for food I’ll throw away.)

My partner and I went to friends for dinner, and had amazing garlicky lentil pasta, salad, and fresh veggies. We turned down ice cream and had fresh strawberries instead. I felt energised and happy. I didn’t miss a single thing.

Maybe this could work.

I’ll see you tomorrow for day 3!


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