The Artist’s Way – Week 6: Recovering a sense of abundance

Halfway through! 6 weeks done, 6 weeks to go. I got a set of charcoal pencils, realized I really really like chocolate, and felt all the feelings this week.

I like the idea of introducing a new kind of luxury: allowing yourself to be a beginner. Like Coach Bennett tells me on my runs: “you are good enough to start getting better”. Sometimes luxury means giving yourself space, and time.

“Creative living requires the luxury of time, which we carve out for ourselves – even if it’s fifteen minutes for quick morning pages and a 10-minute minibath after work.

Creative living requires the luxury of space for ourselves, even if all we manage to carve out is one special bookshelf and a windowsill that is ours.”

Julia cameron

My main luxury this week was something I’ve been writing about for weeks. Stories, songs, and post cards, my art medium of choice has always been writing. When I was a teenager, however, my parents had a set of charcoal pencils, and on really hard days I would draw. Just for fun. I’m not any good at it, and it doesn’t matter.

This week, I got myself a nice set of charcoal pencils and a sketchbook.

I haven’t made the time to use them yet, but I will next week. (I’m coming to you from the future, you I can tell you with certainty that this is true!)

My brand new drawing kit (the first one I’ve ever owned as an adult)

Never enough?

I went into this week fully committed to be honest. Boy, did that go well.

I realized I like covering up fear by blaming problems on a lack of money. “Sorry, I can’t afford to do that.” The truth is, if I was really committed, I’d find a way. Nine out of ten times I’m covering up for something else: lack of effort, bravery, creative thinking, willingness to solve the problem. I keep myself stuck and I tell myself it’s the money, but it’s not. It’s fear.

That’s one less coping mechanism I get to use, I guess. (Self-awareness is so fun!)

How did you experience this week? Do you have any questions? Let me know! I’d love to talk 🙂



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