The Artist’s Way – Week 5: Recovering a sense of possibility

I did 32 days of Morning Pages in 33 days, broke a chainsaw with my mind, and ate vegan pizza in bed. In other words: I finished week 5 of The Artist’s Way.

Artist Date

I’m still struggling to plan proper Artist Dates on a weekly basis. This week, I had a panic attack and ended up eating vegan pizza in bed, watching one of my comfort shows on my phone. That counts, right?

I also realized Netflix is my current favourite vice. I’m eating quite healthy, I don’t drink (alcohol, coffee, or soda – you can tell I’m really fun!), I don’t smoke, I try to move my body every day. I just really like my comfort shows. I re-watch stuff I’ve seen before when I’m anxious or out of sorts, and it really does make me feel better. I’ll let myself keep that one, for now.

Wish List

Fun fact: I was doing a rapid-fire Wish List (answering “I wish…” 20 times as quickly as possible) while we had some workmen in the house. I wrote “I wish… the workmen would leave already.” (I’m an introvert, I don’t like having strangers in my space.) A few minutes later, they walked in to tell us their saw didn’t work and they had to leave to pick up another one.

I jokingly told my partner who answered with “Honey, you need to be more specific. We talked about this!” Good times! Anyway, my advice to you: be specific in your wish list. I wish… the workmen would hurry up and leave AFTER FINISHING THE WORK. (They were actually really nice and it all turned out okay.)

“We strive to be good, to be nice, to be helpful, to be unselfish. We want to be generous, of service, of the world. But what we really want is to be left alone.”

Julia cameron

I also had some nice moments of synchronicity this week, but they’re all work-related, so I’ll leave it at that. (Privacy is a great thing, people!)

I hope you’re having a lovely week and I’d love to hear what you think!



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